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2022-2023 Academic Calendar Approved

This calendar, while approved by our Board of Education, is not the calendar that the Board, administrators, teachers, nor community would prefer.

Spotlight on Mount Airy Middle School

Students at MAMS are in the midst of academic competitions, visiting local businesses as part of Students at Work, and planning for next year. Listen to this week's Spotlight on Mount Airy City Schools to hear about their upcoming events.

MACS Accelerates Mask Optional Plan

Based on the Governor’s announcement that came after the Board approved the district's mask optional pilot, the district will be accelerating its plan to match the Governor’s date of March 7.

District Spelling Bee

The district's spelling bee was held on Thursday, February 10 at Mount Airy High School.

Spotlight on Mount Airy Middle School

Wonder what students in Mount Airy Middle School are learning and experiencing? This week's Spotlight on Mount Airy City Schools is packed with information about MAMS. Take a few minutes to listen to the awesome opportunities available for middle school students.

2021-2022 Calendar Adjustment

Due to the increased amount of COVID testing and contact tracing being required on our campuses, we will be transitioning Monday, January 31, 2022, to a remote learning day.

Congratulations to MACS Educators! EVAAS Date Released

Mount Airy City Schools was the only district to bring PreK-12th grade students face-to-face five days a week last year beginning August 17th. This child-centered approach allowed the district to return to school and yielded great academic results. This was an understandably difficult time for students and staff. Data reveals that living and attending school in Mount Airy City Schools last year provided students a tremendous advantage over the rest of the state and much of the nation.
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