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100% of Mount Airy City Schools Met or Exceeded Growth

100% of Mount Airy City Schools Met or Exceeded Growth

Mount Airy City Schools (MACS) continues to be one of the best school districts in North Carolina! The partnership between staff, parents, and community members continues to positively impact students and the district’s success. With the recent release of the 2016-2017 accountability data, MACS saw growth and success as a result of the hard work of everyone.

Even though testing has changed greatly over the last four years, MACS consistently meets students at their point of need and maximizes their potential and achievement establishing high expectations for all.

District Successes Include:

  • Met 100% of academic growth goals

  • 100% of schools met or exceeded growth for students in K-12 reading and math

  • 100% of schools met or exceeded growth in K-12 science

  • Ranked top 20% in the state in achievement for EOGs and EOCs

  • Average student growth is exceptional, with an increase of 3.02 from last year, showing our dedication to every child.

    Dr. Kim Morrison, Superintendent, notes, “Mount Airy City Schools staff has gone above and beyond, providing a quality education amidst many challenges. Again, we are among the top school districts for growth in the state. We will continue to grow every child, every day through our continuous improvement model.”

    Good News to Highlight from the State Accountability Report:

  • Tharrington Primary School exceeded growth and continues to have high reading achievement with all students including students learning in a different language. (For accountability purposes, our primary (K-2) school is paired with our intermediate school (3-5).)

  • Jones Intermediate School exceeded growth and is ranked number 3 on the EVAAS growth index for all elementary schools in North Carolina.

    • 5th grade mathematics and science ranked 2nd in the state for proficiency

    • 5th grade reading ranked 9th in the state for proficiency

  • Mount Airy Middle School met growth with 100% of students passing Math 1 and nearly 80% of students passing their science EOG.

    • 6th grade reading ranked 19th in the state for proficiency

    • 8th grade mathematics ranked 15th in the state for proficiency

    • 8th grade reading ranked 20th in the state for proficiency

  • Mount Airy High School exceeded growth in end-of-course exams in english, biology, and mathematics scoring 7 percentage points above the state average and ranking in the top 20% of EVAAS growth index

    • Math I ranked 7th in the state for proficiency

    • English II ranked 16th in the state for proficiency

    • Mount Airy High School students scored 26% better than last year on WorkKeys which puts us at 85%, an indicator of career readiness.

      The Importance of Growth

      Proficiency is not the only measure of how well students are learning or how well teachers are teaching. Achieving high growth means educators are accomplishing the goal for personalizing the educational experience for each child - whether they are two years above grade level or two years below. MACS’ continues their commitment to every child, every day.

      More than a Test Score

      Fundamental to the district’s success is that students are more than a test score. MACS uses data to re_lect upon strategies, identify areas of improvement, and celebrate accomplishments. However, the district believes strongly that test scores are only a small part of the equation for each child’s success. Mount Airy City Schools will continue to strive to engage students and cultivate their talents, strengths, and interests.